I have been a cinematographer for 40 years. I have most of this time been working on feature-films. In my early age I was dreaming about being a painter because I was drawing a lot. This brought me into film and photography and I left my dream of painting.

Through the years I have been travelling a lot and I always brought a camera. When I had the chance I tried to get some photos from the places I have been. But I realized I very often had too little time. I was often looking for big sceneries, interesting architecture, great light, etc. But that was difficult for me because I often had to move on quickly. Either the light was wrong or it was to many people disturbing my image.

The solution for me was to begin taking pictures of details. All kind of details I thought was interesting. Soon I realized I was looking for surfaces. Surfaces in which I could find things that reminded me about abstract paintings.

Now I am working on a project in this area, and what is shown here are examples of work in progress.