Kjell Vassdal – Short biography

I started up in -76 as Cinematographer after 2 years education in a Highschool in Norway. During first 9 years I did a lot of shortfilms beside focus-pulling on several featurefilms. I shot my first featurfilm in 1985. Since then I have shot more than 30 featurefilms in both Norway and other countries. (Sweden, Russia, Morocco, UK, Egypt, Iraq). I have also shot several TV-series, more than 350 commercials and around 50 shortfilms. Since 2009 I have been head off Cinematographer education at the Norwegian Filmschool beside working as a Cinematographer.

On this page I will upload trailers and clips from different films.

The first film is my last one; El Clasico, shot in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) and in Bagdad.
Director; Halkawt Mustafa He also produced the film! This was our second film in Kurdistan. Red Heart was the first.

Junkmail was a film I really liked to work on! Director; Pål Sletaune. We did one more film together a few years later. One of the few Norwegian films that won a price in Cannes Filmfestival

The director Julian Kemp saw Junkmail in cinema in London. He asked me to shoot House! in Wales. Very fun to work with him and the rest of the crew. Some of the actors was either famous before or after; Kelly Macdonald, Freddie Jones and Miriam Margolyes

I was asked to shoot one featurefilm and one TV series with the Norwegian director Carl Jørgen Kiønig. Both based og Norwegian bestseller books. The feature film was Blessed Are Those Who Thirst. Great film to shoot!

Chasing the Kidneystone. Great fun to work on this childrens fantasy film. Director; Vibeke Idsøe.

I have done 4 featurefilms with the Norwegian director Erik Gustavson. This is Sophies World based on the book from Jostein Gaarder. 130 days of shooting, a lot of miniatures made by Martin Gant, motion control etc. Great fun!

Le Regard was a film I shot in Morocco. I got a «Kodak-Award» for that film. Director; Nour Eddine Lakhmari

Interesting film to work on. It’s about a relationship between a Norwegian young man and his Pakistani girlfriend.